That’s enough of cleverbot for one day

That’s enough of cleverbot for one day

Looking now, I notice there are 3 types of people. The majority are couples. Then Children. And the rest are people from an organization- I don’t fit into any of these three categories. I’m isolated from society.

Zico at Lotte World (via thezicowaifu)


I love them so much it hurts


my romantic life…




so i went to see American Hustle and the theater was full of JLaw fanboys and like there were pockets of 5 to 7 dudes gushing but not like about her boobs but about how fun and cool and talented they think she is and how excited they were and like one guy pulled out his phone and Jennifer was his background but it wasn’t even a sexy pic it was just her face and i realized: 

oh my god

boys do it too


Jennifer, everyone!


Jennifer Lawrence


Jennifer Lawrence